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Our Mission

The Rock River Charter School's Dashboard illustrates the school's goals for the current academic year and their alignment with the Janesville School District's six pillars shown at the top of the table. The pillars represent the visions of the school and school district.

Vision Efficient, effective, and friendly interactions with our district employees, staff, students, parents, and visitors. Excellent student achievement. Excellent work environment for staff. Equitable allocation and optimal utilization of our facilities, systems, and funding. Gain and retain a higher percentage of available students in the community. Protecting our resources, staff, students, parents, and visitors.
Goals Improve RRCS overall mean on the Parent Satisfaction survey from 4.47 to 4.57. Raise the Reading MAP scores from 62% to 64%.
Raise the Math MAP scores from 62% to 64%.
To increase staff satisfaction survey diversity score from 3.46 to 3.71. Decrease Rock River Charter School's truancy rate from 11.73% to less than 10%.
Increase the number of students that take the ACT test/Compas test from 3 students to 6 students.