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Rock River Charter School offers several different academic options to fit the needs of students entering our program. Below is a list and description of the options.

Alternative Education

This program serves Janesville students in grades 9-12 who have been unsuccessful in the “regular” school environment. These students may be experiencing difficulties with attendance, peers, family, or the community. Students have a shortened school day and take classes in the core areas of Math, History, Science, and English, as well as Teen Leadership, a speech and leadership course. Among students at Rock River Charter School, those in the Alternative Education program experience a school day most like that of a traditional high school.


The electronic learning program at Rock River Charter School uses online courses developed by PLATO Learning Company (the edmentum company as well as teacher planned curriculum). Students in the program work at their own pace with online tutorials and teacher support. Students must be at least 17 years old, in their fourth year of high school and have 16.5 credits to enter the e-learning program. Students attend school for two hours per day, ten hours per week, but have the option of spending additional time working on courses from any computer with internet access.

GED Option 2

The GED Option 2 program serves students who are at least 17 years of age, senior status, and are credit deficient. Students must score a minimum of 225 on the Reading MAP test and at least a 230 on the Mathematics MAP test before they can enter this two semester program. While in the program, students pass the four GED tests as well as earn additional credits in the areas of civics, health, employability, and elective areas. Students learn in a structured classroom setting as well as completing online classes. Community service is also a required component of this program.

School Age Parent Program (SAPAR)

This two-semester program serves Janesville students who are pregnant or parenting. Curriculum in this program includes two classes to meet the specific needs of teen parents: Parenting and Social Issues. The Parenting class helps prepare students for the stages of development during pregnancy and early childhood. The Social Issues class provides information regarding adoption, family functions, self-esteem, abuse, and careers. Community experts, including pre-Nursing students, present to the class. Additionally, the teen parents take a variety of field trips to learn about community resources as well as about post-secondary opportunities. For core academics, the teen parents take classes with the Alternative Education students.

Reading and Math Program (RAMP)

The Reading and Math Program (RAMP) is a two hour course at the Rock River Charter School. The course is designed to help students improve in their reading and math skills, with the goal of being accepted into the GED O2 program.