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Requirements to Graduate

Credits Required over 4-years to earn a diploma

English    4.0 
Math    3.0
Social Studies**    3.0
Science (see courses below)    1.0 Physical
    1.0 Bio/Life
    1.0 Additional Credit
Phy Ed    1.5
Freshman Seminar      .5
Personal Finance      .5

Additional Credit in: English, Math, Science, or Social Studies 

Total Required Credits*   16.5
Total Elective Credits***   10
Total Credits Required for Graduation   26.5


*One semester of Health is required for high school graduation. This may be earned by passing one semester in 7th or 8th grade or taken in high school.

**1.0 credit must be US History or AP American History

*** World Language Requirements - UW-Madison and UW-Eau Claire require 2 credits of a single world language for admission. UW- Platteville requires 2 years of a single world language in high school, or 1 year of college world language to graduate.