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Once you have reviewed the different programs we offer and you feel that Rock River Charter School might be a good fit for you, please fill out the online application below. Alternatively, you can print a paper copy of the Application. To submit the the printed form, call the school and make an appointment to drop off the application. All applicants must also complete a STAR test. Please call 608-752-8273 to schedule the test.

After submitting an application and taking the STAR test, all candidates will then be lotteried for placement on our Waiting List. As seats become available, applicants are contacted to schedule an Enrollment Conference which must be attended to secure enrollment. If Rock River is unable to contact the applicant or the Enrollment Conference is skipped, the student may be placed at the bottom of the Waiting List.



Online Application

Student's Information

First Namerequired
Last Namerequired
Date of Birthrequired
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Current age at time of application?
Email Addressrequired
Primary Phone Numberrequired
Secondary Phone Numberrequired
Current High Schoolrequired
Previous High Schoolrequired
Special Education or 504 PlanPlace checkmark in the box if the student is part of a special education program or
Place checkmark in the box if the student is part of a special education program or
Which Special Program Area?
Please list the program area for the Special Education Program / Plan
Previous School Supports Attempted
I prefer to have my classes scheduledrequiredPlease select up to 2 choices
Please select up to 2 choices
Please Describe
Applicant Lives Withrequired

Father's Information

Father's Full Name
Father's Place of Employment
Father's Home Phone
Father's Work Phone
Father's Cell Phone

Mother's Information

Mothers Full Name
Mother's Place of Employment
Mother's Home Phone
Mother's Work Phone
Mother's Cell Phone

School Barriers

What factor(s) may prevent/prevented you from graduating?
Gang Affiliation
Other Factors

Social/Emotional Behavior

Is the applicant on Probation/Parole?required
If Yes, Probation/Parole Officer Name
Is the applicant receiving Counseling?required
If Yes, Agency/Counselor
Please list other Community Services received by the applicant and include the name(s) of the contact person(s).

Additional Information

Please describe any current concerns(school, home, or community).
Please describe any hobbies or interests.

Student Questionnaire

Why are you interested in completing your high school diploma at this time?required
What has changed in your life that you will be able to overcome your past barriers?required
What are your goals after receiving your high school diploma?required
Do you have any concerns with any students who attend Rock River Charter School?required
What, if anything, do you know about Rock River Charter School?required
Who do you know who attends Rock River Charter School?required
With which students do you have concerns with and regarding whatrequired
Whose idea is it for the applicant to apply to attend Rock River Charter School?required
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format